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Used Material Lifts for Sale Grand Rapids MI

Genie Hoist Models 3.8 and 5.6, these units only require compressed air or a Co2 tank for operation. Light weight and portable.

Genie Lift Material Lifts we rent and sell these in models GL-4, GL-8, GL-10 and GL-12

Genie Super Lift Contractor. 650 Lbs Capacity in heights of 12’ 18’ and 24’

Genie Super Lift Advantage, these heavier capacity units are designed to go through doorways without tilting back and we sell and rent them in models SLA-5, SLA-10, SLA-15, SLA-20 and SLA-25

Genie Super Tower

The ST-20 and ST-25 are the gold standard for stage work. We rent and sell these units.

Lift Smart MLM-16, This unit has a short stowed height of only 5’ 3” allowing it to be transported in vans or short bed trucks.

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